What’s in Your Hat for Summer Reading 2017?

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Tricky Max aka Paul Adams has a true passion for all things humorous, mysterious, and fun. Each year he creates a new show that complements the national Summer Reading theme and is seen in almost 100 libraries each summer. With constant audience feedback like, “This was the best one ever,” Paul Adams has become one of the most sought after Summer Reading presenters for the library market today.

“He made the books so exciting that the kids wanted to check them out!”Renee Bush, Children’s Services
Clarke County Library
Winchester, KY

“Paul is a very skilled presenter who can keep the attention of all age groups. I’ve used his Summer Reading programs 8 times and the response from our families is consistently enthusiastic with requests for repeat performances.”Vickie J. Stephenson, Children’s Librarian
Sylvester Memorial Wellston Public Library
Wellston, OH

“We invite Paul back every year because his shows are always excellent with no boredom. I have never seen the audience so attentive. After 5 years, Paul has become a favorite with our Summer Reading families.”Carol Sexton, Children’s Services
Pulaski County Public Library
Somerset, KY

“Paul’s programs are always a big hit and everyone loves him! Our families like that his shows are geared for the kids but have jokes for the parents to enjoy too.”Mary Anne Wood, Children’s Services
London Public Library
London, OH


With a jolt of comic energy and a totally off-the-wall magic show format, Tricky Max can help make your library the place to be this summer!

Tricky Max is a one-of-a-kind performer who has a distinctive voice and comic energy that truly brings audience participation to a new level. His interactive program is chock-full of hilarious comedy, acts of astonishment, fun-loving jokes and funny, lovable, over-sized puppets that keep the laughter rolling. It’s an age-appropriate comical experience that’s 100% clean and respectful. Don’t miss this opportunity to laugh and be amazed. Let Tricky Max make your Summer Reading event totally remarkable, crowd-pleasing, and unforgettable!

Dinosaur Diary of Dr. T-Rex Dinosaur Diary of Dr. T-Rex Poof Daddy Poof Daddy Mr. Molecule

What's New

Animal Houses: Alive with MAGIC!

All New for Summer 2017

Can you imagine building a house underground? How do animals do it? What kinds of materials do different animals use? For these amazing answers and many more, just ask Tricky Max and the world’s most famous animal architect, Busy Beaver. In a unique magic show format, together they reveal how animals all over the world build their homes and the fascinating structures they create. From chimpanzee nests, prairie dog burrows, beaver lodges and stork nests to tiny termites that build tall towers, kids will love learning that animals of all kinds are incredible architects! With attention grabbing visuals, acts of astonishment, goof gags, and a zany band of over-sized puppets, Tricky Max guarantees a Summer Reading show that all kids K-6 can’t resist!


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